Bibliography: Basic maths/stats

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Basic maths/stats refresher books

Cann, A.J. (2003)
Maths from scratch for biologists
John Wiley & Sons. Chichester.

Foster, P.C. (1998)
Easy Mathematics for Biologists
Harwood Academic Publishers, Amsterdam.

Mackenzie, A. (2005)
Instant notes: Mathematics and statistics for life scientists.
Taylor and Francis. New York.

Rowntree, D. (2000)
Statistics without tears: An introduction for non-mathematicians.
Penguin. London. 195pp.

Siegel, A.F. (1988)
Statistics and data analysis.
Wiley & Sons. New York. 518pp.

Spivak, M. (1995)
Hitchhiker’s guide to calculus
Mathematical Assn. of America.


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